i ♥ faces: Dramatic Black & White

March 29th - Photo Theme “Dramatic B&W”

Remington is so adorable when he smiles. Baby smiles are just so full of pure joy. They don't hold anything back. They're not constrained by social conformity. It's just natural and free to be given to anyone. I love it, I love my baby's smiles.


soo cute and beautiful photo!
love the shadow work!


Great photo and I love what you had to say about baby smiles!


So gorgeous! Great shot!

I also love babies smiling!


Love that big smile!! Great capture!


I love how all you see is the head, and no body or background. Adds to the drama factor nicely and is ver nostalgic with the tones.


Aww, hes got such a great smile, cant help but smile with him :) Love the black and white on it too...


Oh, those cheeks! I am so glad I have my own (born Nov 3, 2009!) to squeeze and kiss after seeing this picture!


so cute, i love how you framed the face with black.


I love how his face stands out so clearly in your photo, he is so happy!