That was Solid, dude!

We tried solid food with Remington for the first time today! We've added a bit of rice cereal to his bottles since he just turned 4 months, but today we tried rice cereal by itself. Here are the pictures of the incident.

He doesn't know what he's in for. Oh, and look, he's clean, that won't last long.

His very first bite.

What's this spoon thing doing in my mouth?

He likes it. It took a bit to learn how to use his tongue to keep the food in. (Photo edit with some PW actions)

What mom? You always have to have the camera around. (Photo edit with PW actions)

He started getting mad. The bottle is much easier.

He's really getting messy now.

I can do it myself, dad.

What a mess. :)
Someone needs a bath now.

He's had enough.