i ♥ faces: Angles

I haven't entered i faces in a while, but let's try this one. It's not the greatest photo, but I like how the lighting is on Remington's face. It's an unique angle as he's looking at the mirror on the exersaucer. Here's my entry for the Angles theme.


Love the lighting. Thanks for sharing!


The lighting is really wonderful....dramatic...stunning


like others noted ... very dramatic. love it. funny ... my entry had my son in the mirror on his swing!


I love this. The angles on both images is wonderful. You and I were thinking very similarly....I went with a mirror image this week too!


I like that you've played with 2 angles by adding the reflection!


Very cute. I love the lighting on his face.


Lovely pic. The reflection is great


Ohh - I like it! A lot moodier than one expects to see in a baby picture.
Super cute!


Neat shot! Love the detail in his face and the blurriness in the reflected shot. Nicely done!


don't you just want to know what he is thinking? love this ... beautiful baby ... beautiful picture!


Cute! I love the light on his face and his bright eyes.


This is a great photo. He is adorable.


how precious :) I just took one kinda of like this yesterday with my son! They love looking at themselves, huh? I wonder when they realize it is them!


GREAT photo!! I love the light.