2009- A Year in Pictures

January: Some puppies from Drak and Sukari's first litter.

February: Motley Crue concert in Omaha, Nebraska

March: Found out I was pregnant March 1st

April: Announcing to family we're pregnant on Landon's birthday/ Easter.

May: First Ultrasound

June: Weekly Baby bumps

July: Family vacation to Branson, Missouri

August: Drak and Sukari's second litter of puppies.

September: Getting big

October: Remington born

November: Remington's first smiles.

December: Remington's first Christmas

This is the first time I've participated in I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture. Check it out. Photobucket

Picture Time

As always, click on the picture to view it larger. Enjoy.

It's Like They Know Me

Here's a cartoon that showed up on my weekly Baby Center email. It's totally how I feel.

Post Partum Part 2

The last couple days have been better regarding my bout with baby blues. I still have my moments though. The holidays have helped because we've been busy, but when I'm home alone all day it's another story. I don't want to be stuck at home alone with Remington. Even if there's one more person around it's better. When someone is around then I can talk to them and they can take care of Remington for even a couple minutes so I can have a short break, even if it's just to run to the restroom. So, in order to cope I've been going on Wal-mart runs and going over to my parents' house. It has helped, but I still get down. For instance, last night after spending the day at my parents, I cried coming home. I don't know why, just because. It wasn't even because I was going home to be by myself, because Landon was home. It was just because I was now responsible for Remington again.

I feel bad for Landon too, because he's been working so much overtime. Christmas day was the first day he's had off in awhile and he's been working 6am to 6pm (when he leaves home and gets back home). By the time he gets home it's about time to get Remington ready for bed. The only time Landon really gets to spend with his son is when we're putting him to bed, and I've posted before about what a chore that is.

I don't know what it's going to be like starting next week. I have to go back to work and I'm not looking forward to it. I know I'm going to miss Remington.

Waiting for Santa

Merry Christmas from Our family. Remington is eagerly awaiting his first meeting with Santa. He even put out milk and cookies.

Picture Time

Doctor Appointment and Getting out of the house

Tuesday I was able to get out of the house and shop with Remington. Some new parents don't take their newborn out much, but we have since he was a week old. I'm nervous about the H1N1 and seasonal flu, but a kid (and his mom) can't stay home all the time. We took a trip to Wichita to pick up Remington's birth announcements/ holiday card from the photographer. I love the card, it's so cute! I then finished my Christmas shopping and went home.

Wednesday, Remington had another doctor appointment. He now weighs 8 pounds 7.5 ounces. He's gained almost a pound in 2 weeks. He's still smaller than he should be at this point, but he's gaining well. His next appointment is January 4th (the day I go back to work- sadness). After the doctor appointment, I headed over to my parent's house. My mom watched Remington while I got a much needed haircut. I had major split ends and hadn't done anything with it since I got pregnant. After the haircut, my mom, brother, Remington, and I went to Hutchinson for Christmas shopping and for something to do. I'm so thankful for my family. They are helping a lot to keep me sane and watch Remington at a moments notice.

Thursday, yesterday, I spent the day at home alone again with Remington. I used the swing (until we had a poop blowout) and was able to get some things done around the house. I was good, emotionally, for most of the day until it was time to put Remington to sleep for the night. Landon had some errands to run and didn't get home until 9pm. That meant that I spent the entire day with Remington without a break. It wasn't hard, but it got to me at the end of the day.

This weekend, Landon's family is coming to our house for our Christmas celebration. We've been working to get the house ready, which isn't that difficult, except that I can't hardly get anything clean if I'm having to check on Remington or hold him all the time. We're ready for it though and the house just needs a quick run through to be finished.

Christmas House Tour

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year and the following pictures are of our house decorations. Check out the Nester for more Tour of Homes posts. Next year I hope to add more green to all the red decor. I also want to start a Willow Tree nativity set and find some cute stockings.

Our Tree- pretty much the same as last year. Who's gonna go all out with a one month old at home?

The house. We now have garland on that last post, which makes it look a lot better. I would've posted a picture of it finished, but the snow melted and this picture looks better.

Remington's Baby's First Christmas Ornament. I found it at a Christmas store in Kansas City.

A new ornament for the tree this year. It smells like cinnamon, which is my favorite smell at Christmas time and year round. It's from Yankee Candle.

Another ornament on the tree.

Snow globe from Hobby Lobby

Let It Snow, also from Hobby Lobby

Table place settings. The napkins, napkin rings, and placemats are from Walmart. The snowflake plates are from Target.

The centerpiece this year is actually a Halloween decoration from Target. Last year I had a poinsettia in the middle of the table.

The wreath I made last year.

Garland in snow.

Bells hanging on the porch from Walmart. Picture from last year, but we put them in the same place this year.

Our newlywed ornament.

Garland between the foyer and dining room. Picture from last year again.

Dining room from last year. Only thing different this year is the table centerpiece.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the house.
Update: Remington and my baby blues are improving day by day. After talking with my mom last night, I have a feeling this week is going to be much better. Today my brother spent the day here keeping me company. Tomorrow I'm going to get out of the house and go to Wichita to pick up the pictures for our Christmas card/baby announcement. Wednesday, I'm going to get my hair cut and we have another doctor appointment to check Remington's weight progress. I'll keep updating this week.