Stress of being home with baby

After my last post my bit of postpartum blues became worse. All most all day Thursday, I cried and felt horrible. I missed Landon so much. I couldn't get anything done all day because every time I put Remington down, even if he was sound asleep, he would wake up and start crying. I also think he's going through a growth spurt because he's eating all the time too. People on Facebook have helped a lot with advice and support. I just feel so overwhelmed.

So Landon told me that Saturday would be a day all to myself. It was my 26th birthday anyway. That morning, Landon and I drove over to my parent's house and left Remington with them all day. We then went to Hutchinson to shop and run errands. Landon also took me out to eat for my birthday. I was also amazed to receive my birthday present of a brand new DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel! Wow! I was not expecting such a great gift. We then drove back home to clean the house and get it ready for Landon's family Christmas at our house next weekend. We then planned to pick up Remington around 8pm or so. Landon's mom was going to drive through Lyons and come to our house anyway, so she picked up Remington and brought him to our house so we wouldn't have to make a trip back to Lyons to get him.

I was glad to have the break and thought I was good and done with being overwhelmed until this afternoon. Remington continues to constantly want to be held. I started crying again, which sucks, because I have never been a crier and I hate it. I called my mom for advice and now I feel much better. She's raised 5 kids, so she knows a thing or two about babies, of course. Just talking to someone helped a lot. For now, I'm good and happy again, but I'll keep everyone updated. I'll also post later about what works to keep Remington happy besides being held constantly. It's not bad to hold him, it's just that I can't get anything done and he has to get used to not being held. The day care lady can't hold him all day and that's coming up in a couple weeks, which is a whole other stressor that I'll wait for later to discuss...