Not Doing That Again

Starting last Thursday, I started taking Reglan (metoclopram) to increase milk production. I will not do that again! The side effects were just too much. The bottle said that it may cause drowsiness and dizziness and they weren't kidding. As soon as I took the first pill I stared feeling really tired. That night I was super tired, but I couldn't fall asleep. I just layed in bed with my eyes closed.

Friday I kept taking the pills like it said- one at every meal and one before bed. All day I was tired and tried to sleep but couldn't. My eyesight was also a bit blurry. I went to bed early that night while Landon took care of Remington so I could try to get some sleep. It didn't work.

On Saturday, Landon and I wanted to go to Wichita for Christmas shopping because we knew it'd be our last chance since Landon has to start working overtime again. I didn't feel any better, but thought maybe having something to do all day would help. On the ride to Wichita I could barely keep my eyes open, but still couldn't fall asleep. When we walked around the stores I had trouble seeing- it was like my contacts were in the wrong eyes or something. I felt awful. This was also the first time we've taken Remington out shopping and around all day. We left at 8am and got home at 5pm.

We brought the stroller along to take around the mall and plenty of milk and diapers. We feed him in the car at Target. That was an experience, We could've stayed inside and even used Target's family restroom, but we didn't. Don't ask me why. The stroller fr the mall was a great idea. The car seat is such a pain to carry around and I didn't really feel like using the sling. It was a pain to get around in some stores though. Mall stores do not have wide aisles, especially when they're packed with Christmas shoppers.

Back to the Reglan, I took another pill at lunch time (we just ate at the food court in the mall) and continued to feel really drowsy. When we got home, I started feeding Remington again. I was using the boppy and holding him on my left side. My shoulders were really tense and when I tried to relax them, it was like muscle spasms were making them tense again. It was especially bad in my right arm. It was scary and really upset me. I started crying (apparently the emotional stuff hasn't completely gone away yet) and told Landon what was happening. He took Remington and I went to take a shower to calm down. I wasn't going to take any more pills. Landon was worried about me and made sure I didn't fall in the the shower (he thought it sounded like I did when I kind of drug my foot getting out and hit the side of the tub). I was supposed to take the pills for 10 days, but I haven't taken one since then. It's just not worth it. Now that I'm not taking the pills I feel great and back to myself again. Now if we could just get Remington to sleep better...


Have you heard of Fenugreek? (not sure if the is how you spell it). It's a natural herb that increases milk production. I took it with my first baby and the only side effect is that you smell like maple syrup! Just tell people that you had pancakes for breakfast. But it does work.


Thanks Samantha, I'll have to try that.