Sleep and Lack Thereof

Everyone always tells you that sleep is gone with a new baby in the house and the number one question people ask me is how Remington is sleeping.

For the first few weeks, sleep wasn't that bad. Remington probably would've slept through the night if I didn't have to wake him up every 3 hours to feed him. When we struggled with feeding this was hard too, because Remington would eat for 30 minutes to a hour and then I'd have to try to go back to sleep only to get up in two hours. It sucks that you have to count the 3 hours from the beginning on one feeding to the beginning of the next.

Then, around 2 weeks Remington started not wanting to go to sleep. He is still like this now. Once we get him to sleep the first time then we're good, but it takes hours for him to get to sleep in the crib the first time. Like Landon said, no one tells you that you don't get any sleep with a baby because you're never able to go to bed in the first place. Remington just cries and cries until finally after usually 3 hours he falls asleep. We try everything from feeding him again, checking his diaper more, and sitting and constantly putting the pacifier back in his mouth. He'll be asleep, but as soon as he looses the pacifier he's wide awake.

With the supplementing, he started sleeping better until last night. It took 4-5 hours to get him to fall asleep. I'm exhausted and so is Landon. Landon took him for the most part last night because this new medication that is supposed to increase milk production is making me drowsy and dizzy. I wonder if it's worth it. I feel so tired, but when I try to lay down to sleep I can't. Ugh, when will it get better?


I took that Reglan for about 2 weeks for morning (all day) sickness and it made me sooooo sleepy. I'm sure this won't comfort you at all, but Reglan has been on a list of medications that could cause tardive dyskensia if taken for a long period of time. I had already stopped taking it when I found that out, but it kind of freaked me out. I don't want to worry you, but I thought that you should know.
And on a positive note, Remington is a handsome little guy, even if he's not a good sleeper. It will get better; I promise!!


Thanks Star! I stopped taking it after I started having muscle spasms in my shoulders.