2009- A Year in Pictures

January: Some puppies from Drak and Sukari's first litter.

February: Motley Crue concert in Omaha, Nebraska

March: Found out I was pregnant March 1st

April: Announcing to family we're pregnant on Landon's birthday/ Easter.

May: First Ultrasound

June: Weekly Baby bumps

July: Family vacation to Branson, Missouri

August: Drak and Sukari's second litter of puppies.

September: Getting big

October: Remington born

November: Remington's first smiles.

December: Remington's first Christmas

This is the first time I've participated in I Should Be Folding Laundry's You Capture. Check it out. Photobucket


Super cute idea, Lisa.
I may have to creatively borrow it for my blog!!


santa, baby!!!! :) ... love the song, too!


You have had a splendid year, haven't you! Happy New Year!


Cute puppies and sweet, adorable baby! What a good year!


How absolutely adorable!


What a great year you have had! The puppies are SO cute. And your baby is ADORABLE! Oh my goodness. What a great name! : ) Hope you have another wonderful year.