You Capture- Spring

Spring is not my favorite time of the year (Winter is better), but I do enjoy it in moments like...

This amazing photo I was able to take after a walk to Remington's Grandpa's house. My father-in-law is one of those people who always look awesome in black and white.

I also like this version. Which is best????

Spring also means loads of "helicopter" seeds from the Maple trees.

Spring in Kansas means WIND. Here's a victim of the wind today (the neighbor's trash can). And I tried to capture how truly wind it was, but the trees in town just don't do it justice.

Spring at our house also means lots and LOTS of shedding. With 3 Siberian Huskies, it gets to be a mess. Huskies "blow" their coats, which means they shed their undercoat, it's crazy how much fur ends up around the yard.

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i ♥ faces: Smiles

This week's photo challenge theme is "Smiles."

Here's my son, Remington, enjoying the sunshine. I love every picture that shows how amazing his eyelashes are.

You Capture- Fresh

This week's You Capture theme is Fresh.

Here are some shots of the fresh flowers blooming in our backyard. So bright and beautiful.

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Happy Birthday Landon!

25 years ago, today, the love of my life was born. Happy Birthday Landon! I so happy I married you!

Picture Fun

More adorable pictures of Remington. Enjoy!

Magic baby.

He loves being outside.

First time in his jumper. He loved it!

Blog Party and About Us

I just found this Ultimate Blog Party through a fellow blogger and decided to join for myself.
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So, if you're stopping by from the blog party, here's a little bit about me and my family. My name is Lisa. I've been married to Landon since 2007. We just welcomed our first child, Remington, to our family October 2009. I am a picture taking fool, so every post is almost sure to include a super cute photo of Remington.

By day, I work for two school districts in the middle of Kansas, and by night, I peruse Facebook, blog, and spend time with my boys. I'm a speech pathologist/therapist, which means I help students (ranging from misarticulation of /r/ to autism and Down's syndrome) communicate. I come from a large family, and I can't wait to see how it grows when my siblings and I start adding members. I'm your average working mom with a new baby, but I have an unique perspective through my knowledge of early childhood language development.

I started this blog when we announced to family that I was pregnant. Remington is the first grandchild for both sides of the family. I have blogged about the journey through pregnancy, and now I post about the journey of raising a little boy. Remington is 5 months now, and becoming more active and fun each day. I started a 365 day project for his first year, so his life is being well documented through photos.

Now, enjoy some photos (that's the best part, in my opinion)!

Remington's 5 Month Picture

Remington on Easter Sunday.

Remington in his Ed Hardy outfit.

Remington 'reading' a book.

My little Rockstar baby.

Pretty flowers!

You Capture- Comfort

This week's You Capture theme is Comfort.


–verb (used with object) soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer to: They tried to comfort her after her loss. make physically comfortable.
3.Obsolete. to aid; support or encourage.

Comfort is exploring flowers while basked in sunlight.

Comfort is loving on a favorite stuffed animal.

Comfort is being in Great Grandma's hands.

Comfort is definitely falling asleep in Grandpa's arms.

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Easter Photos

Everyone posted their Easter blogs on Easter or shortly after, but I've decided to be unique and post mine today... plus, I'm a slacker. We spent Easter weekend with Landon's grandparents and mom, and then with my family (parents, siblings, grandparents, and one aunt and uncle). The nice day gave me an opportunity to capture some great outdoor shots. I love outside shots, because I have yet to figure out how to make my new camera turn out well without the horrible flash. I really need to buy a bounce flash or something.