You Capture- Spring

Spring is not my favorite time of the year (Winter is better), but I do enjoy it in moments like...

This amazing photo I was able to take after a walk to Remington's Grandpa's house. My father-in-law is one of those people who always look awesome in black and white.

I also like this version. Which is best????

Spring also means loads of "helicopter" seeds from the Maple trees.

Spring in Kansas means WIND. Here's a victim of the wind today (the neighbor's trash can). And I tried to capture how truly wind it was, but the trees in town just don't do it justice.

Spring at our house also means lots and LOTS of shedding. With 3 Siberian Huskies, it gets to be a mess. Huskies "blow" their coats, which means they shed their undercoat, it's crazy how much fur ends up around the yard.

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I'm loving both edits of Remington and Grandpa, but I think I like the second just a smidge better.
Great work capturing spring!


Fantastic photos! I like both edits too, but the 2nd one is AMAZING! Great job!


I love the first two pictures. It is amazing how changing the color can give the same picture such different stories. I think I like the color version the best.


Nice pictres, especially the first two! I hear you about the sedding. I have two cats and they're losing tuffets of fur right now!


Great pictures of Remington & your father-in-law. The black & white would be a great Father's Day present!


it is ridiculously windy here in Iowa as well! I love the husky shot ;)


Ooooh, I love both of the edits, but I have to say that the B&W really adds a special poignant feel.


Those 'helicopters' officially make me miss my childhood home!


I LOVE both pics of Remington and Grandpa.... so hard to choose! You'll have to hang up both. ;)

Cool maple keys shots, too!