6 Months

Remington turned 6 months old Thursday (April 29th). I can't believe it's already been half a year. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Definition of Developmental milestones record - 6 months:

This article describes the skills and growth targets for 6-month-old infants.

Physical and motor skill markers:
  • Able to hold almost all weight when supported in a standing position - He's been doing this really well for a couple weeks now.
  • Able to transfer objects from one hand to the other - Yes, but he usually just holds things with both hands so he can chew on what ever he has.
  • Able to lift chest and head while on stomach, holding the weight on hands (often occurs by 4 months)- He's been doing this since 4 months.
  • Able to pick up a dropped object- Yep
  • Able to roll from back to stomach- Actually no. He still isn't rolling over. I'm going to ask the doctor about it at his appointment on Monday.
  • Able to sit in a high chair with a straight back- Yes, see the pictures I took. He's been able to sit since just shortly after 5 months.
  • Able to sit on the floor with lower back support- He's able to sit for quite a while unsupported.
  • Beginning of teething- Oh yeah, and it sucks. He gets so cranky and it's hard to comfort him.
  • Increased drooling- Yes, and it's gross.
  • Should be able to sleep 6 - 8 hour stretches at night- Thank goodness! He's been seeping through the night since 3 months! It's awesome!
  • Should have doubled birth weight (birth weight often doubles by 4 months, and it would be cause for concern if this hasn't happened by 6 months)- He did by 4months, luckily. We had problems with weight gain earlier. I'm curious to see what he weighs now.

Sensory and cognitive markers:
  • Begins to fear strangers - Not yet, but he sometimes just looks wearily at people. But, other times, he'll smile.
  • Begins to imitate actions- He sometimes imitates sounds. I haven't really noticed actions.
  • Begins to realize that if an object is dropped, it is still there and just needs to be picked up- Yes. I knew to look for this milestone, and he's mostly got it down.
  • Can locate sounds not made directly at the ear level- Yeah, mostly. Sometimes he looks around and then finds it.
  • Enjoys hearing own voice- Probably, he screams enough, lol.
  • Makes sounds (vocalizes) to mirror and toys- Yes.
  • Makes sounds resembling one-syllable words (example: da-da, ba-ba)- Not yet, but he'll get there.
  • Prefers more complex sounds- Hmm, I guess. It's hard to tell.
  • Recognizes parents- Oh yeah. He always smiles when we come in the room if we've been gone.
  • Starts to imitate sounds- A little bit
  • Vision is between 20/60 and 20/40- Who knows, but with m horrible eyesight, he'll probably need glasses eventually.
Play recommendations:
  • Read, sing, and talk to your child- We read and talk to him all the time. Landon occasionally sings silly songs for him.
  • Imitate words such as "mama" to help baby learn language- Not too much, we mostly use adult words.
  • Play peek-a-boo- Once or twice.
  • Provide an unbreakable mirror- Yep.
  • Provide large, bright-colored toys that make noise or have moving parts (avoid toys with small parts)- He has plenty.
  • Provide paper to tear- Haven't done this. Don't really want to start a habit, :)
  • Speak clearly- Yes.
  • Start naming parts of the body and the environment- Sometimes.
  • Use body movements and actions to teach language- I want to start baby signs in a bit.
  • Use the word "no" infrequently- Yep.