Daily Baby Essentials -6+ Months Update

Back when Remington was 2 months old, I posted about items we use on a daily basis for a baby. Now, that I've had more time with a baby 24/7, here is an updated list.

1. Bottles- Remington's primary food is still formula. Everything I've read says that it should be until about a year old. He does eat baby food and/or rice cereal at least once a day.

2. Pacifier- We still use them quite a bit. Remington likes to pull it out of his month and play, but he still likes to fall asleep with one. We also continue to use the Wubbanubs, especially in the car. They're easier to find when he throws it.

3. Highchair- A must when you start feeding baby food.

4. Bib- We need more, but good when feeding.

5. Cloth diapers/burp rags- Great for cleaning up baby drool (which gets worse with teething).

6. Links- Remington loves swinging, grabbing, and chewing on these things.

7. Diaper trash can with lid- We never did get a Diaper genie (why waste the money on a glorified trash can?), but yuck... a lid to close off the smell is a must.

8. Sleep and Play pajamas- Now that it's getting hotter, we're finding thin pajamas for Remington to wear to sleep. I think we're going to start just using onsies though. In my opinion, it's better if he's too cold than too hot (SIDs and all..).

9. Excersauser- Remington loves it. It's also a good place to put him when you have to run to the door or bathroom or whatever. It keeps him contained. This will really be useful as he's starting to try to crawl.

10. Books- I have so many, but I want to make sure Remington is read to constantly and grows up to love books. His favorite book is "That's Not My Dragon...". The whole "That's Not My..." series is amazing. Remington has two more and he loves them too. The pages seem a bit thicker than other board books so he can grab them easier. He also likes the touch and feel feature of those books.

11. Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Clothes, Crib, Carseat- These basics are still in use. Right now, Remington is wearing size 3 diapers. He mostly wears 6-9 month clothes, but can still fit in some 3-6 month stuff.

12. Num Starter Sippy Cup- This is a great first sippy cup. The spout is made of the same stuff as bottle nipples. It's slit on two sides, and I have yet to see it leak. It also has handles on two sides. Remington was able to figure out how to use it right away. He loves drinking apple juice from it.

13. 6 month toys- I know when I look through the toys or baby aisle I wonder what toys I can start buying for a baby. Almost all the toys seem to start 6 months, there's hardly anything for younger than that. This is mostly due to development. Babies younger than 6 months aren't really going to play with toys anyway, and they don't have the memory to pick up something they dropped. Now that Remington is old enough, I'm excited for toy shopping. I'm sure I'll be eating my words when he's like 6 years old... We haven't really bought him anything yet, we'll leave that to 'Crazy Uncle Kyle', :).  Of the toys we do have, the following are ones Remington enjoys: Fisher Price Amazing Animals Spinnin' Around Musical Zoo. Fisher Price Stack 'n Surprise Blocks Songs 'n Smiles Sillytown. Fisher Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker. Fisher Price Precious Planet Rattle Link Pack.

I think that's everything. Not a lot has changed, other than not needing things we used to. It's so much easier since he's able to sit on his own. Hope this again helps someone.