Daily Baby Essentials

After Remington's first week of day care (minus Thursday's snow day and Monday with my mom) I feel really good. I am gradually getting better at leaving him and I like the daycare setting he's in. I think he's being good for her too and not crying all day. I'm also getting back into the work routine. The only problem, sort of, is Remington has been fighting his first cold. He has been stuffy the last couple days and now he's coughing quite a bit. I think it's because when he snorts in the snot, then he coughs. I guess he's going to have allergies like myself. Poor little guy. Even worse, is that he gets his two month immunizations on Monday. I sure he's not going to be happy.

Photo color edit by me.

When you're pregnant with your first child it's hard to know what baby items you'll truly need on a daily basis for your baby. To help, here's a list of what we use every day. Click on the pictures to follow the link for places to purchase the items.

1. Formula- I didn't think I was going to need this, but since breastfeeding didn't go well... We use Similac Advance shield like they had in the hospital.
2. Diapers- Remington is just now transitioning from newborn to size 1. We use Pampers Swaddlers, the newborn size has a yellow line than turns blue when the diaper is wet- very handy.
3. Crib- I love ours. It was worth the wait, but scary that we only got it three days before he was born.

4. Clothes- A couple of onesies and long sleeve/feeted outfits a day- just in case we have some blow outs, spit ups, or pee accidents.
5. Carseat- I love our Chicco Keyfit 30

6. Pacifiers/WubbaNub- We use them more than I expected, but Remington is just one of those babies who need something to suck on. I recommend the Mam 0-2 months (he holds them in his mouth better than the soothies).

7. Cloth diaper/Burp rags- Burp rags are okay, but the cloth diapers work so much better.
8. Swing- He loves it and falls asleep pretty fast, but he's still a little small since he tends to fall forward or to the side too much. We use the Fisher Price Little Lamb swing.

9. Bouncy/Vibrator seat- We use it when we can't get him to fall asleep in the crib. It's also good to bring along to the grandparents for him to sleep in. We have the Fisher Price Little Lamb one.

10. Changing Pad and wipes- We actually have two- one upstairs in his room and one downstairs so we don't have to constantly go upstairs to change him. The wipes I recommend are Huggies- they're thicker than the cheap brands and easier to get out of the box one at a time.
11. Blankets- Remington likes being cuddled up in them.
12. Sleep sacks/outfits- They keep him warm at night without a blanket, which is a SIDS no no.
13. Boppy-  Was awesome for breastfeeding, and continues to be great for holding him during bottle feedings, for him to lay on. Much easier than proping up regular pillows and easy on your shoulders after holding an increasingly heavy baby.

14. Bottles- Again, I didn't expect to use, but oh well. Right now we just use the Medela ones that go with the breast pump we have, but they're not vented. We also have one vented Playtex bottle.
15. Diaper bag- Holds all his junk, :)
16. Hooded towels and baby bath items- To keep him clean.

Photo color edit by me.

The following are things I thought we'd use, but haven't:
1. Diaper rash cream- Remington hasn't had a problem with this yet.
2. Rattles or any toys- He's not interested in them quite yet.
3. Baby hats- He doesn't like them very much and they just seem like a pain.
4. Baby mittens- He's scratched himself, but it's easier to clip his nails
5. Lanolin- Didn't use after breastfeeding stopped working
6. Breast pump- Again, the failure of breastfeeding...

That's my list at a little over two months, hope it helps someone.