You Capture- Love Around Your Home

This week's You Capture assignment at I Should Be Folding Laundry is Love around your home. I spent a little bit of time walking around the house for things I love.

I Love Remington's crib and nursery. His name letters turned out really well.

I also love our Pizza Hut lights above the bar downstairs. The Pizza Hut in town was knocking down their old building and selling their fixtures. I got a great deal on these and they take me back to eating there as a kid.

When we bought our house, this doorway was something weird and quirky about the house built in 1917. Yes, it is on the stairs. It's just a closet that also has a doorway in Remington's room. I expect him to have lots of fun playing in there when he's older.

With a new house to fill with furniture and being just out of college, we looked at lots of garage sales and even some antique and flea market stores. This couch came from an antique store that was going out of business.

We're big on having a modern take on antiques. Here are a few more. The lock picture is from a secretary desk and the S is for our last name.

It wouldn't be my house without a million of these. My favorite are Yankee Candles.

And finally, I wouldn't be the obsessed new mother without including a picture of this little guy, whom I , of course, LOVE.

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Really nice shots - the name letters look really cool. Great work.


I love seeing everyone's photos this's taking a little peek inside their home and seeing what kinds of things they enjoy. It's a great way to get to know people. :) You have a lot of very unique things in your house...and I love the look in your son's room! Great post!


Just stopping by from You Capture to take a peek inside your life and leave some comment love.


I love your house! I'm not big on antiques, but the mix of modern/quirky antiques are awesome. =) Great photos, too.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your baby is adorable. I SO love the letters you made for his room! How cool are they? Holy cow so cool! And I LOVE the red couch! Too cool for words! : ) and those lamps from pizza hut are fantastic as well! So exciting to visit!


That nursery is beautiful! I love the color combination.
Your little man is an absolute cutie pie.
Wonderful captures!