Falling Into Place

Things are finally starting to fall into place here. My goals last week were to find daycare and an apartment. I accomplished both!

Last Tuesday, I was able to call and confirm Remington's place at a recommended daycare center here. He started today and I think it went well.

Last Wednesday, I found an apartment and signed the lease Thursday. It's not much and is wood paneling paradise, but it'll do for now. It's pretty big and has brand new carpet. Remington already enjoys crawling around the place.

I went home over the weekend to see Remington and Landon after a week without them. Landon and I took Remington to the zoo for the first time. I was expecting at least one melt down (especially since it was so hot), but he did really well. He watched people more than the animals, but he would at least look at the animals directions if they were close to the cages.

On Sunday we moved my stuff into the apartment. I'm finally getting to relax for a little bit about this whole situation. I love all the staff at the schools here. Work will continue to be stressful (it's just that kind of job), but it will all work out. I'm thinking positively.

Beginning of the craziest year ever.

This is long, but this is how crazy, fast, weird, and strange my life has been lately. About 3 weeks ago I found out that I have to go to Oklahoma ( I live in Kansas) to work for at least a year. So, I right away found openings and applied to places. I sent some resumes two Thursdays ago. Two school districts got the resume and called me the next Monday morning (last week). I was able to set up interviews with both on the same day, which was on Thursday. I was going to drive to Oklahoma that day for both interviews.

On Thursday, I left at 6am to drive 4 hours to Bartlesville, OK for an interview at 10am. I was done with it in an hour then I drove an hour and half to Ponca City, OK to have an interview there. When I got into that town, I got a call from Bartlesville offering me a job (2 hours after the interview), I told them I'd have to talk to my husband and I'd let them know. I drove around Ponca City then to get a feel for the town I might be moving to and to wait until the interview at 3:30pm. That's when the entire day went to ruin...

My car broke down about an hour and a half before the interview! The throttle cable broke or came loose- whatever. Cars seriously hate me. Well, I'm panicing because I'm 2 hours from home or anyone that can come help me. I called Landon and tried to figure out what to do. I then got on my phone and found a cab company to call. I called them to get me and take me to Wal-mart for a bit before the interview. I luckily broke down in a bank parking lot because the cab only took cash (which I didn't have). So, I ran into the bank to get cash. I had to contact a bank person who had to call my bank to verify funds (out of state check cashing) so I could get some cash. I make it to Wal-mart and walk around a bit. I call the cab back and head to the interview.

Before the interview I called my brother and sister to come with a trailer to load up the car. If they left right away they'd be there a little after my interview. Or that was the plan....

After the interview, I called my sister to see how far they'd made it. They hadn't even left yet!!! They waited until my mom got off work at 5:00pm -which is what time it was then. I didn't know what to do, so I just called the cab to take me back to Wal-mart to waste time until someone came to help me. I walked around Wal-mart while they got things ready and came for me- they also ended up picking up Landon and Remington.

I'm getting super tired of walking around, but I can't contact anyone because my phone was completely dead. I had no idea when they would come. 7 came and went, then 8, then 9pm!!! It's only a 2 hour drive, but they didn't get to me until 9pm!! I had walked around Wal-mart for FIVE HOURS!! What a disaster. We picked up the car, which of course, Landon was able to fix in two seconds and drive home!

He just had to put the cable back on. Now, I've had enough car break downs and have been a mechanic's daughter long enough to not be stupid about cars, but come on!! I didn't know about throttle cables. Oh, I was mad that it was that easy to fix. And Landon seriously was able to drive it all the way back home without any problems. Grr.

Anyway, we got home that night around 1am. The next day I called Bartlesville and accepted the job. So here is more craziness. School starts for all kids on Wednesday!! I'm hired Friday and have to be at the school Monday (today). I don't have a place to stay or daycare for Remington.

So, Remington is staying back in Kansas with Landon this week while I'm staying in a hotel alone trying to find daycare and an apartment!!! I miss them so much!!

As if it can't get worse--- Landon already made plans to go to Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle thing. While I'm here in Oklahoma, Landon is in Kansas until tomorrow night (Tuesday) then he's in South Dakota until late Thursday night. And where is Remington???? He's being shuttled around between my parents and my mother-in-law.

I will drive back this weekend hopefully with daycare and an apartment lined up. The rest of this school year, Remington will stay with me during the week and I'll drive back to Landon every weekend. We're not going to sell our house in McPherson (we want to stay there), so this Oklahoma thing is for this year at least.

Seriously, can life get any more complicated??? How has your week been?