Falling Into Place

Things are finally starting to fall into place here. My goals last week were to find daycare and an apartment. I accomplished both!

Last Tuesday, I was able to call and confirm Remington's place at a recommended daycare center here. He started today and I think it went well.

Last Wednesday, I found an apartment and signed the lease Thursday. It's not much and is wood paneling paradise, but it'll do for now. It's pretty big and has brand new carpet. Remington already enjoys crawling around the place.

I went home over the weekend to see Remington and Landon after a week without them. Landon and I took Remington to the zoo for the first time. I was expecting at least one melt down (especially since it was so hot), but he did really well. He watched people more than the animals, but he would at least look at the animals directions if they were close to the cages.

On Sunday we moved my stuff into the apartment. I'm finally getting to relax for a little bit about this whole situation. I love all the staff at the schools here. Work will continue to be stressful (it's just that kind of job), but it will all work out. I'm thinking positively.