Remington in the Hospital

What a day! (Monday September 20, 2010)

Yesterday morning I took Remington into the ER for trouble breathing. Sunday night, after I made my weekly trip down to Bartlesville, OK Remington was wheezing a little bit, but I thought he was just getting a cold. As the night went on, he had a lot of trouble going to sleep. Nothing was working. All night I tried to get him to sleep, but he was wheezing a breathing hard. I was going to wait to see how he was in the morning before maybe taking him to the doctor.
The main problem is that we don't have a doctor in Oklahoma yet, so I didn't want to mess with that unless I had to.

Around 5:00am, Remington woke up yet again (he probably only slept around 4 hours all night). He was really struggling to breath and wheezing a lot. His chest and stomach were moving a lot. Nothing was calming him down. He wouldn't stop crying or wheezing. I decided it was best to get ready for the day and take him to the doctor. I got myself ready and packed a few things in his diaper bag.

I've had asthma since I was 2 years old, so I'm used to wheezing and that sort of thing. I figured I just take him to the ER for a breathing treatment and then stay home with him the rest of the day.

Went I got to the ER, the receptionist immediately commented about how Remington was having trouble breathing. I thought I'd be fine, but I started getting teary and had trouble thinking clearly enough to answer her questions right away.

We went into a ER room and waited for the doctors. Remington got hooked up to an O2 monitor and received a breathing treatment from the RT (respiratory therapist) right away. We waited a bit to see what happened. He started acting like he felt better, but the wheezing still wasn't going away. The doctors then gave him some oral Prednisone and another breathing treatment. He was acting much better, but still not perfect.

The doctors said that they would admit Remington into the hospital if his O2 levels were 92 or lower. His levels were ranging from the mid 80s to 95.

Since Remington's O2 levels weren't getting better or stablized, the doctors decided to start an IV and admit him for observation. We then moved up to the pediatric floor.

During this time I called family, cancelled daycare, and called into work. After I knew we were being admitted, I called Landon and he headed here to OK. Landon arrived at the hospital around 2pm. It was so nice to have him there. I was exhausted and glad to not be alone anymore. I think I handled everything fine, mostly because I figured I knew what asthma was all about and wasn't worried. The only trigger we could think of was being around the dog for an extended time at Landon's dad's. But who knows.

We were finally released around 8pm and we went home. Landon then had to drive 4 hours to go back home to be ready for work today.

This was not a good start to the week, but it's all okay now. Remington is back to his old self today and was happy playing. If history repeats itself and Remington inherited anything from my side of the family this is only the beginning of many more doctor visits like this. Oh goody... :)

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