Some of you may have noticed a stuffed animal thing attached to Remington's pacifiers and wondered what the deal was. Well, it's called a WubbaNub. WubbaNubs are Soothie pacifiers with a stuffed animal attached. I found them online before Remington was born. "The plush animal provides maximum comfort for babies and makes it easy for them to grasp and manipulate the pacifier themselves." Their creation story is something we've experienced with Remington:
"Carla knew she needed to take matters into her own hands.  She found the hotel sewing kit and took her baby's favorite soft plush toy and sewed the pacifier right onto it. Thus, a happy ending for the Schneider family's vacation and the birth of the first WubbaNub!"

So, it sounds cool, but do they work? In my experience, yes. When we first started putting Remington in the crib (the day we brought him home), he would fall asleep, but as soon as he lost his Soothie pacifier he'd wake up crying. When we used the WubbaNub, we could prop the animal next to his head and it kept the pacifier close. His arms are really active, so he'll sometimes get ahold of the animal and fling it away, but it's helped a lot. It's also great in the car. You can easily reach back, feel the animal and put the pacifier back in his mouth. I also like using it in church, because you can grab it before it hits the floor when he spits it out. Remington is starting to hold on to the animal more, and it looks absolutely adorable. We've gotten so many comments about it. He stared out with the monkey and we've also bought him a dragon. They're so cute that I plan on keeping them as keepsakes after he's done with pacifiers.

The WubbaNub retails between $10 and $15. They have a monkey, red dog, blue horse, pink horse, duck, frog, bull, dog, cat, and bear. The dragon and lion are limited editions, but I found the dragon on Amazon. I definitely recommend the WubbaNub and plan to give them to other expectant mothers as baby shower gifts. I'm not getting paid by WubbaNub or in any way connected to them. I just love their product.