Help Choose Photo Entries

Okay, I need your help. I want to enter my photography (taken since last September) in the state fair and hope for a ribbon or two. Tricky thing is it's hard to pick which photos I want. So tell me, which  are better. Or should I enter other (possibly ones you've seen here or on Facebook) pictures. Can't wait to hear the comments to help me decide.
Warning: Picture Overload :)

First Category: Pictorial Print; black and white 

Second Category: Pictorial Print; color

Third Category: Pictorial Print; World in Motion (action shot); color

something else...I'm not too fond of this picture.

Fourth Category: Photo-Journalism Print; color

Fifth Category: Photo-Journalism Print; black & white

Sixth Category: Figure or Portrait; Human or animal; color
Another picture of Remington
These could also work as a Pictorial Print color alternative.

Seventh Category: Figure or Portrait; Human or animal; black & white

Eighth Category: Nature Print



Awww geez, I can't pick just one!
For "second category" I like the one of Remington asleep best, followed by him on the chair

Four "fourth category" I like the wedding one best but think that the one with the black & white photo & purple heart is more thought provoking and accessible to someone outside of the family

"Fifth category" I like the big one, or the one of the bridge & groom best

"Sixth category" I love either of the first two, I think the first is more artsy and the second more commercial but both are gorgeous

"Eigth category" I like the first one better, the background branches are AMAZING

But my favorite of all these is the one you have for "Seventh Category: Figure or Portrait; Human or animal; black & white"--that is just beautiful right there.

You are fabulous!