I'm not a professional photographer, but it is fun to lend my amateur talent to photos of friends and family. I have only had a DSLR since Christmas, but I'm enjoying learning how to capture great shots with it. I've also improved my Photoshop abilities.

How do I get such great shots? I'm not really sure, to be honest. However, I attribute it to years of artistic practice (classes in art- mixed medias). Also, the main contributor is years of practice, and just taking LOTS of pictures. Practice really does make perfect. I find photographers that I admire and try to determine what draws me to a particular picture. Why do I like it? Is it the color, composition, angle, uniqueness.... This summer, I hope to continue taking pictures constantly, and if anyone wants a free session just ask. I'd be happy to give photos to others of their family or children.

Here are some pictures I took of my sister in law just for fun. I wouldn't mind shooting portrait sessions part time. It's fun.