You Capture- Fun

We took Remington to the park and let him have some Fun on the playground for the first time. He was cranky, so I don't know how much he really enjoyed it.

Click here for more fun at You Capture.



oh, he is such a beautiful, serious little guy. i love those baby legs!


Cute pictures...Love his expressions :)


So cute! He looks so serious. I am sure mommy had fun too!


Oh my gosh, your photos are awesome! Those thighs -- you must nibble on them all day!! He is TOO cute!


Those thighs!!!

Oh my word. How do you stand his cuteness?!? I'd die a little from it every day. ;)

The little pointed feet in the first pic = awesome.


He looks like such a little rebel with that skull & crossbones onesie on. Especiallyin the shot of him sitting on the slide with the graffitti on it :)


omg! look at his thighs!! he is sooo cute!! what a great capture!