You Capture- Feet

This week's You Capture theme is feet. Super easy, since I see the cutest baby feet every day.
 I made sure to limit this post to pictures I definitely only took this week (those are the rules after all).

Black and White feet.

One foot.

A foot with blocks.

And Black and White Feet with blocks.


I love baby feet. I think most people do, but how could you not.
Great shots!


love these toes all curly... great shots!


Too the shots with teh blocks! :)


Cute pics! Baby feet are the best.


Love them! The first is my fav.


Baby feet really are the best!


oh goodness, SO cute!!! *nibble, nibble*

thank you for participating this week!


Cute little feet :)


precious little wiggly toed baby feet. so cute.


I love the first photo so much! I love the closeup of the tiny toes and the little toenails that look like they would hurt if you don't cut them when they grow out. Simply precious!


Baby feet are the best! That first shot is just great. I love the close up, you can see all the lines on the chubby little cute!


Those are great shots, I really like the ones with the blocks. He is adorable :)


Baby feet are the best! Love the shots with the blocks.


oh, those baby feet! i love how that big toe curls back! :)


The first one is my favorite, but I love how he stretches out that one toe!

And my son was born on Oct. 29, but 6 years before your sweet guy! It's a great day!


I love the black and white -
why are babies feet so stinking cute???
Happy easter