You Capture- Reaching

Remington loves his little parrot link toy, and is always reaching for it.


Here is Remington reaching for safety after he decided he was done with our photo session.

Then, he reached for the camera strap. Don't his eyes look cool? They're very gray.

I've only seen him roll over twice, but we've been putting him on the floor a lot more so that he might roll over again. He would do better if he didn't reach his arms out so much. He's wearing green for St. Patrick's day (which was yesterday). Gotta love the drool too.

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He is gorgeous! I love the shots of him in his green outfit.


What a cute little guy!


the drool....kills me! love it!


love the shot w him chewing on the camera strap-his eyes are beautiful!


these are gorgeous shots! Love them!


He is so adorable! Is it weird for me to think it's cute to see photos of him with the little dribble hanging out? He's got such a great smile that it makes me smile too :)