You Capture- Quiet

This week's You Capture Theme is Quiet.

Remington is always super cute when he's Quietly swinging and sleeping.

Then, my bamboo plant is Quietly dying.

I also love a Quietly burning candle.

While I Quietly read a good book.

Check out more Quiet pictures at I Should Be Folding Laundry.


Great pics!
Someone once told me that it was impossible to kill bamboo. I am so glad to see that I am not the only bamboo killer : )



Quiet is a good thing. Great post and blog.


first (!!!!) a long way gone, by ishmial beah is {one of} my most favoritist book ever EVER.

your captures are beautiful, but that second baby shot,... precious. printable! ;)


What a beautiful totally gorgeous baby!

I LOVED the hunger games and catching Fire. Cannot wait for book #3 and it feels like August is a long ways away.

Your blog is super cute!


We have a dieing bamboo plant here as well, must be the season :) Cute pictures as usual!


Great photos. You boy asleep is precious. I'm sorry about the dying bamboo tree!