Random Thoughts and Babies


Although I've been posting once a week (for You Capture themes), I feel as though I've been neglecting this blog. This started as a way to share information and pictures of Remington, but I've kind of fallen away from the information part. It's not an excuse, but going back to work has made me extremely busy. And I don't know what to blog about. So here I am blogging about my lack of blogging. (eh, what else could I do? Talk about my adorable son... okay, fine.)

Remington (and Landon and I) have gotten over being sick. However, I'm pretty sure he's teething now. I know it seems way to early, but all the signs are there. He's chewing on everything, drooling a lot, and is fussy even after his other needs have been met. The last two days have been better, though, so we'll see how it goes.

This coming week is Spring Break! I'm so excited for some time off to spend with my boys. We don't have any plans, other than just relaxing.

When Remington was younger (yes, I know he's still young and only 4 months old, but hear me out), I wondered what life would be like once he started staying away for longer periods of time. Would I never have time to myself if he didn't take naps and sleep so much? Would I constantly have to keep him entertained while he's awake? How would I do that? Would I have to watch him so that he didn't hurt himself somehow?   Now, that he's awake more (only 2 short hour long naps a day usually), I shouldn't have worried so much. When he's awake and happy, I want to play with him and keep him entertained. He's so adorable and cute when he's happy and content. His smiles just melt you, and his baby giggles are the most precious sounds in the world! I can't wait until he's awake even more so that we can interact with him. Is it like this for all new moms?

There is a baby boom going on around here. I seriously know at least 32 people who are pregnant or who recently had a baby (some of them are close friends, other are just classmates). I think it's because we are all at the age for getting married and having babies (20 somethings), but it still seems unreal that so many people are pregnant or have recently had a baby in the last 5 months (either just before Remington was born, or shortly after). It also maybe due to me being more aware of pregnancies since I have a baby now. Of my close friends, Landon and I were the last ones to get married, so I assumed we'd be the last to have kids. This is not the case now, however. I do wish that we had a close friend with a baby around Remington's age for him to grow up with. It's not happening so far. I also hope that he ends up having cousins that are close enough to play with (It could happen with my brother and his wife--- but, if you guys are reading this it doesn't mean go off and have a kid--- wait a few years and enjoy your time as newlyweds right now).

Milestone alert: Remington has rolled over! Once. Last Saturday (March 13th), I was at my parent's house when he rolled from his stomach to his back by himself for the first time! It was pretty cool,  I just want to see him do it again.