4 Months


Remington is now 4 months old! I can't believe how much he's grown and changed since he was born. On Wednesday, I took him for his 4 month doctor appointment. He weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces ( 25th %ile), and is 24.5 inches long (50th %ile). His head circumference is 16 inches (10th %ile).

While we were at the doctor, I also asked about Remington being sick the last 3 days. I know that some stuff has been going around. He's been coughing and wheezing a lot. The first night, we decided to put him in his seat and keep him next to our bed to keep and eye on him and his breathing. That did not work, neither of us got any sleep with him breathing so loud and being worried about him. He's also been really congested and has a runny nose. After going to the doctor, we let him sleep in the crib with the mattress slightly elevated with a pillow between the mattress and springs. The doctor said that he probably has RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Most babies get it at least once before the age of 2. She said she could run a test to know for sure, but according to her professional opinion, he has it. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it, but let it run its course. By now (Monday), he's pretty much over it. However, he has given it to Landon and I. We've both been sick for the last couple days.

A year ago today, we found out I was pregnant, what a year!

Here's what he's supposed to be doing at 4 months (from MedlinePlus):

The typical 4-month-old baby should:
  • Show a slowing of weight gain to approximately 20 grams per day- He's still a little small, but gaining.
  • Double the birth weight- Almost, he should be 14 pounds to be double. But, he's pretty good for having lost so much at first and having so much trouble with the weight gain.
  • Have almost no head lag while in a sitting position- He's very good at this now.
  • Be able to sit up straight if propped- Yep, he falls over fast though.
  • Raise head 90 degrees when placed on stomach- Pretty close, he still hates tummy time.
  • Be able to roll from front to back- Not yet, hopefully he will soon.
  • Try to reach objects with hands (may commonly overshoot)- A little bit. He likes to reach for and hit the sack of wipes by his changing table and he'll hit the buttons on his excersaucer.
  • Hold and let go of an object- Yep
  • Play with rattle when it's placed in the hands, but won't be able to pick it up if dropped- Yep, he'll hold one for quite a while now.
  • Be able to grasp rattle with both hands- Yep
  • Be able to place objects in mouth- A little bit, he tries to put the pacifier back in if he took it out and still has it in his hands.
  • Sleep 9 to 10 hours at night with two naps (total of 14 - 16 hours per day)- Yes, yippee!

A 4-month-old baby is expected to:
  • Have well-established close vision- Seems to.
  • Increase eye contact with parents and others- Yes, he really likes to watch people and smile.
  • Have beginning hand-eye coordination- He likes to watch his hands and feet sometimes.
  • Be able to babble and coo- He's been doing this for about a month.
  • Be able to laugh out loud- Yes, and it's adorable!
  • Anticipate feeding when able to see a bottle (if bottle-fed)- Yep, if he sees it, he watches it pretty intently.
  • Begin to show memory- Kinda, it's hard to tell at this point.
  • Demand attention by fussing- All the time.
  • Recognize parent voice or touch- Yeah. There are certain things that Landon does to make him laugh, that I'll try and he just looks at me. And I can put him to sleep and comfort him way faster than Landon.
    You can encourage development through play:
    • Place the baby in front of a mirror- He likes to smile and watch himself or look at us when we're holding him.
    • Provide bright-colored toys to hold- I almost think the excersauser is too over stimulating.
    • Repeat sounds the infant makes- We've been doing this from the beginning.
    • Help the infant roll over- We try this sometimes, need to do more to help him learn to roll over.
    • Use a swing or stroller- Since day one.
    • Play on the stomach (tummy time)- He still hates it.
    Remington is still eating just formula, we'll start some rice cereal soon. He sleeps well and laughs and smiles all the time. He does this adorable shy smile, where he smiles and then turns away to hide his face like he's shy. His eyes are still gray and he's getting more hair. He's grown out of most of his newborn clothes and is starting to wear some 3-6 clothes.


    This is my first time to your blog...your little one is soo cute! I just had a baby girl in January; life with her is so much sweeter : )