You Capture- Shapes

This week's You Capture theme is shapes. Of course, almost all baby toys have shapes. The above picture is of Remington getting used to his excersaucer and its shapes. There are shapes all around the house and here are a few of them.

Next is the shape of a star on Remington's swing.

Then there is an oval shape on our couch.
A circle in a bowl.

Triangles in upholstery.

Diamonds on the kitchen cabinets.

Squares and circles on the sewing machine cabinet.

And I've posted this photo three times now, but I just love it! A heart.

And rectangular stairs. 

For more shapes check out I Should Be Folding Laundry:


Great You Capture pics! LOVE the heart. I tried getting my son to do that with his hands, but he didn't cooperate.


I love, LOVE the baby hands making a heart! Beautiful!


The heart shot is worth posting more than once! Fabulous capture. I also love the upholstery on the back of your sofa. Great shots :)


Oh those little baby hands in a heart shape is the cutest thing ever!! Great capturing!!


Thanks for posting the heart again. I hadn't seen it before. I am so glad that now I can say I have. (-:

I like the vivid colors and textures in your images.


I think the first photo is my favorite...but so many great ones! And as a first-time visitor to your blog, I love that you posted baby heands (again) because I'd never seen them! Adorable!!


Awww! I love the baby hands heart!
Your couch looks gorgeous. Wonderful captures.


Great shots, really cute pictures, and awesome captures, I always enjoy your pictures. :)