You Capture- Faces

This week's You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry is Faces. This week was super easy, I love faces!
This weekend, we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday where I photographed many faces.

This is the face of Remington laughing for the first time! It's so cute and I was happy to hear him laugh finally.

Next, is the face of my brother as he spent the day sledding behind the 4 wheeler.

 Now, here's the face of the man of the day, my Grandpa!
And finally, here are the faces of my brother and his wife for their engagement/wedding photos.
Hope you enjoyed my faces.Check out the link below for more great pictures. Both pictures of my brothers edited by me, others are RAW.


Wow. You captured some wonderfully expressive faces! I absolutely love the photo of your grandfather and the smile on your son's face! Priceless. Thanks for sharing!


i like that snowey pix! they are all very expressive and colorful and bright - what fun!

please feel free to visit my page and see my face shot - you are always welcome :)


Oh my goodness. I loved this post! I especially love your Grandpa! He has such a great face : ). I can see so much in his smile! Wonderful! I hope he has a great year! Your baby is too sweet for words. I love when they first start laughing. So magical!


The one of your Grandpa is pricelss. All great shots:)