Oo Oo That Smell

Can't ya smell that smell?

I knew having a baby would bring with it many new and interesting smells. I love how Remington smells after a bath. The baby soap just smells so soft. I don't like the other baby smells, though.

That's right, I'm talking about poop. Oh, and pee, and spit up. One thing I did not like when breast feeding didn't work was the smell of formula. It smells disgusting. If you leave a little bit in a bottle for even a couple hours, the smell multiplies. The smell of baby waste is gross too, of course. Yesterday, while walking through the halls at work, I swear I smelled baby pee diapers. Those middle school kids must have done something wierd, ha. I sure hope we don't smell like baby. I hate to know what our house must smell like to everyone. I think I have it covered with my candle obsession, I hope...

Baby's breath, when formula fed, is also nasty. Some of Remington's burps after his bottle are horrible. I've been told that babies get grosser when they start solid foods. I am not looking forward to that. I've always thought that babies are gross and having one of my own sure hasn't changed my mind. My mom told me that it's different when it's your own child and you know they can't help it. That makes it bearable to me, but eww. I can't believe the smells that can come out of something so small.