You Capture- A Moment

 This week's You Capture theme is A Moment. I didn't have a moment to spare in order to edit any of these pictures, so here they are anyway.

Remington has been teething, so getting a moment of quiet is rare. Here was a moment of that quietness and a moment of sunshine on my beautiful baby's head.

We finally got some warm weather (for a day, then it went back to being rainy and cold), so we took Remington for a walk in the park. It's only his second time there. It was another moment of peace, since on the walk was the longest he'd been happy and content all day. Darn you teeth!

 For more moments, check out I Should Be Folding Laundry:



That first picture is precious!


Oh, teething, drooly, red-cheeked babies are precious. Hope your little guy cuts those new ones soon and feels better!


Beautiful blog! I love this post. Ah, teething...


That first photo is beautiful....ah, teething...had that with ear infections and reflux with my little one. So fun...or not...


love that first shot... dreamy!


Oh how cute!! Those are some great moments!


Very sweet photos of your precious one. The first one with the sun on his face is my favorite :). Thanks for stopping by!


He is so adorable! Love the one with him sleeping in the sunshine :)

I hear ya on the teething woes! E is having 2 more teeth come in up top and the days are filled with a lot of unhappy tears and tantrums. Hang in there!


what a sweet baby. I really miss mine being that young. She is growing up so fast. Already 4 and thinks she is 13 :-) Cherish the moments.


What a beautiful, sweet baby.


I don't think you even needed to edit those pictures. Very cute, especially the one with the sun shining on his precious head (-:
Teething, oh the joy. lol, we are going through that two with our 3rd little guy who is 6.5 months. He's got 2 teeth on bottom, but he's been sooooo cranky this past week and I haven't had much peace either! Lovely blog, and thanks for visiting mine too!