You Capture: Hope

hope (v): to cherish a desire with anticipation; (n) desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment

Like everyone else, there is hope for and end to the white stuff.

And hope for a melting of the slick stuff.

But, these three hope for the snow and ice to come back.
And, finally, the hope to walk one day. Yes, he's only 4 months old, but I think he'll be walking well before a year. Photo edit by me with some coffeeshop actions.

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At first I just loved the close up icicle shots....then I saw your 4 month old and his grin made me grin!! Love it


What a cutie! And what gorgeous dogs.
Yes, while the white (and slick) stuff is certainly beautiful to photograph and look at, I'm not feeling it much when I have to go out in it.
So I'll join you in hoping for more green stuff!
Wonderful shots!


That's some serious ice. I'm with beausarmywife4life... I really liked the ice pics, then I saw the baby photo. It made me grin and lifted my heart. Thanks for sharing that one.