I'm losing my mind!

1:00am- Conversation between Landon and me after the alarm goes off to feed Remington:
Me: Landon, could you go get the nipple shield so I can just feed him here?
Landon: Do you want me to bring him to you?
Me: No, I have him.
Landon: ---

I didn't have Remington, I hadn't moved from bed since the alarm. Landon- he's been amazing!- went and brought Remington to me and I feed him in bed for that feeding.

Being a mom is so exhausting. I'm a basket case that cries at everything. Breastfeeding was not going well. I would struggle for an hour to try and get him to latch on and suck. He just wasn't having it so I was supplementing with formula. I couldn't handle it. I would wake up, struggle and cry with him for an hour, then try to go back to bed only to get up in 2 hours to feed him again. Feeding every 3 hours is exhausting!!! I can't wait until he's back up to his birth weight so I can feed him when he's hungry instead of having to wake him up. I bet he would sleep through the night if I let him.

I feel incredibly overwhelmed with everything. Feeding every 3 hours. I'm not getting any sleep. The whole sleep when they sleep doesn't work either. When he's asleep I just think about everything that needs to be done. Clean the house, eat, stuff to do for work, etc. We really need to go to the store and buy food and stuff, and we need to take down the Halloween decorations, we just have no time!

I couldn't take the breastfeeding problems stress, so I called the nurses at Labor and Delivery for help. I totally recommend this to new moms. Ask for help when you need it, it's worth it. I went into the hospital and they watched me try to feed Remington and I told them what the problems were. I'm crying and I just couldn't deal. I was trying so hard and nothing was working. The nurses had me stay and relax in a room and try to feed him. They told me to stop supplementing (nobody told me to do that anyway- I was just feeding him the formula because I thought he wasn't eating enough). Then one amazing nurse gave me a nipple shield to try. I had tried this earlier when I was still in the hospital and it didn't work very well. This nurse showed me exactly how to use it. It worked instantly. I went home with instructions to use the shield, don't supplement anything, and to call and let them know how it went. Let me just say, I'm sooo happy! It's working like a dream. All of the feedings last night went flawlessly and he ate for 30 minutes each time.
When Landon got home from work last night, I let him know that the shield was working, but I still cried on him for awhile because I still feel overwhelmed and emotional. He has been amazing. He said he didn't feel like he's doing anything, but he totally is. The emotional support he's giving me is so needed. I love him so much! (I'm even getting teary writing this.) Landon took Remington for awhile and let me shower and eat. It sucks that he can't take over a feeding, and he'd be more than willing too. In fact, he would even like to be able to give Remington a bottle at night and let me rest.

Everyone is telling me that it gets better, and I hope they're right. Since the breastfeeding thing is going well now, it's already a huge relief.