The doctor's appointment to find out if Remington is gaining weight was yesterday. Landon and I took him in and I nervously brought Remington to the scale to be weighed. I hoped and prayed so much these last couple days that he would gain, if not I don't know what I would do. Of course, I thought worse case scenarios like cystic fibrosis or celiac disease.

I watched the scale, and sighed in relief when it said 7 pounds 5 ounces. Rem gained 4 ounces since Thursday. I'm so happy and now I can relax. I can already tell that I'm going to be one of those mothers that panic every time their kid has a cold. Or like Landon said- he has a headache, it must be a brain aneurysm. Even though he's not back up to his birth weight like he should be by now, at least he's not loosing weight.

Everything that I've read and heard about babies and sleeping through the night is coming true, unfortunately. Apparently babies sleep pretty well until about 2 weeks, then the trouble starts. Right now Remington sleeps well, but it's getting him to sleep that's the problem. Last night we started trying to put him to bed at 7pm. He was sleeping just fine on his boppy, then I feed him at 9pm and took him up to the crib to sleep. He was not going to sleep in the crib. He would cry and scream every time he lost his pacifier, which was like every five minutes. So, Landon and I are constantly having to go back to his room to give him the pacifier. Just as we lay back down, he starts crying again. Even if we held him and rocked him until he was asleep, as soon as he was in the crib he'd cry. He wasn't hungry and didn't need his diaper changed, he just wouldn't stay asleep. Finally, Landon went downstairs and got his bouncy/vibrator seat. We put him in that with his WubbaNub and finally got some rest at 1am. I felt sorry for Landon, because he had to get up for work at 5am. There better not be any more nights like this.