Tips for Expectant Moms

Before going to the hospital, I had read a few lists about what you need to bring with you. Here's my list of what you need:

Pajamas- Hospital robes work for a while, but do you really want to wear those the whole time?
Loose shirts for breastfeeding- A must.
Toiletries- A must. The hospital might supply, but I brought shower items, toothbrush, contact solution, etc.
Camera- Duh.
Cell Phone- Another Duh.
Money for vending machine- Definitely good for dad.
Socks/Sandals- I never left the room, but still liked to have.
Sanitary/ Maternity pads- The hospital supplied for use, but I still brought and used my own. No one wants to feel like they're wearing a diaper along with their baby. Also bring some "period" panties. The hospital provided these mesh maternity things, but after a while it's better to have your own.
Going Home Outfit- Good for pictures.
Baby socks- The hospital provided little gowns for him to wear, but I also liked to make sure his feet were warm.
Things for Dad and Mom to do- It gets boring in the hospital, have something for you to do.

Landon went home for a bit every morning to shower, etc. so we didn't bring anything for him. If you live farther from the hospital, or the husband isn't going to leave at all, you should bring stuff for him too.

Almost everything else on those hospital bag lists would've been a waste to bring. Our hospital room ended up having a ton of stuff in it, especially with gifts coming in everyday. I'm glad we took half of it home a day before we were discharged.