2 Week Doctor Appointment

Remington had his 2 week doctor appointment last Thursday. Everything is going well, except he's not gaining weight. He actually dropped half an ounce from the last time he was weighed. I was not expecting this since he's been eating so well. He eats every 3 hours at least and will eat for 20 to 30 minutes each time. The doctor had me weigh him in kilograms then feed him at the doctor's office and then weigh him again. He gained .07 kilograms which equals to about 20 milliliters. So, he's taking in enough just not gaining weight from it.

We're going back to the doctor on Monday to see if he gained any weight over the weekend. Hopefully he does otherwise we'll have to start supplementing or something. Also, I looked up possible causes for babies not gaining weight or "failure to thrive" and it could be cystic fibrosis or celiac disease. I sure hope Remington doesn't have some underlying problem like that. Gain weight baby, please...