Catch Up

It's been a while since I've posted. The holidays and new baby leave no time to blog. Thanksgiving was fun. My mom's side grandparents and Landon's grandparents got to see Remington for the first time.

Remington still isn't gaining weight like he should. I called the doctor today and asked if I could just stop by and weigh him. The last time he was weighed was 2 weeks ago. I stopped by the doctor's office and Remington weighed 7 lbs 3.5 oz. That's 1/2 ounce less than 2 weeks ago. Our doctor came in and told me to start supplementing with formula. Instead of me feeding him for 30 minutes every three hours, I'm supposed to feed him for 10 minutes on each breast then feed him 2 ounces of formula (if he takes it- I'm not supposed to force it down him). I'll take him back to the doctor on Wednesday to see how he's doing. I hope the supplementing works.

Remington has also developed a case of baby acne. I feel so bad for him, he looks like a teenager. There's nothing you can do for it, so we'll just wait for it to run its course. My youngest brother also had baby acne when he was little.