Wish List Wednesday

All day today the baby must be moving down or something because it seriously hurts to walk at times, which is a pain when you're walking around a school getting students to come to therapy. There is a crazy pressure on and between my hips, and it's not fun at all. Pick a different position boy. By the way, Landon has taken to calling the baby "the boy." Don't worry, he's just joking around, but with the things we sometimes talk about doing when he's older, I sure feel sorry for him. He'll grow up thinking his parents are crazy people... Anyway, now to the finds:

I'm not having twins, but think it would be awesome if we did. Here are cute matching outfits for twins that I found here.

Play food is usually made of plastic, but here is some I found made from wood. Very cute.

We're also not having a girl, but if we were I would definitely buy her these adorable shoes from a Etsy shop called JaylieBeans.