Randomness a day late

Yesterday we spent the day getting a new refrigerator since our old one died, so I didn't post this then. Work has also been keeping me busy. I have students back to back everyday with no down time. That on top of being 7 months pregnant is crazy at times.

Random 10 Tunes:
1. Day N Night- Kid Cudi
2. Shuo Ai Ni- Jolin Tsai
3. Street Fighting Man- Rolling Stones
4. Into the Night- Santana feat. Chad Kroeger
5. We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister
6. In The Mood- Robert Plant
7. So What- Pink
8. Laundry Girl- Ludo
9. Rock Me- Great White
10. Peggy Sue- Buddy Holly

Random Pictures: Baby toys bought by future uncle Kyle (my brother).

Cute stuffed animal that smells like cinnamon from future aunt Stacy (my sister).