35 week doctor appointment

Picture: Nursery closet so far.

We had another doctor appointment today. I had two main questions for the doctor before coming in 1) the baby's movement had been slowing down and I wondered if it was normal and wanted to make sure the heartbeat and everything was okay. This was answered right away when she measured the heartbeat in the 140s/150s. She also confirmed that movement does slow since there is decreased room to move. Before I went to the doctor I also quickly Googled baby movement during week 35 and most people agreed that if the movement decreases a lot to call the doctor because the baby may be in distress. I had been doing fetal kick counts, which turned out okay so I didn't call the doctor. The baby should kick at least 10 times within an hour.

Question 2) was if the baby was head down or breech or transverse. The doctor automatically checked to see if she could feel where he was. She said she thought he was head down, but couldn't be sure so we went across the hall to do a quick ultrasound. She confirmed that he is indeed head down and commented that he was pretty low in my pelvis too.

I'm happy to know now that he's head down, doing well, and ready to go. Our appointments are weekly now, so I'll have another update next Monday.