Random 10 Friday

We took the puppies to the vet today for their first shots. They did really well, all healthy, and not one of them peed or pooped on the floor! They're now ready to be sold.


Tomorrow we get to spend all day at childbirth classes, I'll post about how it goes tomorrow night.


I've gotten my first two stranger comments about being pregnant this week. The first was yesterday by a middle school student that I didn't know. She just asked if I was pregnant and if it was a boy or girl. Then the second was today from the vet receptionist. At least I must look pregnant now and not just fat...


Random 10 Tunes:

1. When Girls Telephone Boys- The Deftones
2. Me Myself and I- Akon
3. Every Move I Make- Out of Eden (?)
4. Little Drummer Boy- Bing Crosby and David Bowie (an awesome Christmas song)
5. Santa Claus and His Old Lady- Cheech and Chong (Why these Christmas songs?)
6. Undercover of the Night- Rolling Stones
7. That's the Way- Led Zeppelin
8. Unstable- Adema
9. Not Fade Away- Rolling Stones
10. Everything is Broken- Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Random Picture: Landon and a puppy.