Crib Order Mess and Randomness a day late

Friday's post is a day late again due to taking a trip to Wichita to figure out the crib situation. We ordered our crib in May from a baby furniture store in Wichita. Now it's the end of September and we still don't have the crib. The stupid manufacturer sucks. Do not buy from Babies Dream/ Cocoon, no matter what their rating is in Baby Bargains. There seems to be no way that we could get the crib we ordered (which we paid $500 for) in time for the baby, so the store gave us a great deal. We could order one that looked pretty much the same from a different company (Munire) to replace the one we ordered. Also, the store does loaner cribs any time a baby arrives before a crib that you have on order with them. So, if the baby comes early, they'll still have a place to sleep.

So, we went to the store last night after work and looked at what our options were. There were 2 cribs that we could directly replace ours with. They looked pretty much the same and actually cost more than what we paid for our original crib. Munire also has a great rating and reviews from Baby Bargains and online. They use solid Mohagany in their furniture too.

As we're looking at the two cribs, we see another crib that's the same company, way fancier, and costs the same as our two options. We asked the owner if that crib could be an option too. He said yes, because it's the same price as the other two options, the only problem was that that fancier crib would take longer to come than the others. We debated it for awhile and decided to go with the fancier crib. I actually remember liking this crib a lot when we first looked at cribs to buy, but put it out of my mind because it was out of our price range. It should be the middle of October now, when the crib comes.

This whole thing was such a mess. Babies Dream/Cocoon is worthless. Do not buy from them if you want a crib before the baby is like 2 months old. Now I'm happy, though, because we're getting a fancier, more expensive crib for less money and it should be here soon.

Here is a picture of the crib we ordered. Munire Bristol in Cherry


While we were in Wichita we of course stopped by Babies R Us and bought some super cute clothes again. We've realized that we don't have very many 0-3 month clothes, so we need to have some smaller clothes soon or he'll have to go naked for those first couple months. :)


The baby shower has been set for October 11th at my parents house. I can't wait!


Random 10 Tunes

1. Life Wasted- Pearl Jam
2. All or Nothing- Theory of Deadman
3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
4. Fighters- Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
5. Rock On- David Essex
6. White Wedding- Billy Idol
7. Killa- Cherish
8. Touch My Body- Mariah Carey
9. Round Here- Counting Crows
10. Helluva Day- Webbz

Random Picture: More baby toys from my brother, Kyle.