There's only more pain to come.

Yesterday, Landon and I took a trip to the State Fair. We were only there about 3 hours and I was exhausted. My legs hurt so bad and my hips were killing me. Landon was caring (ha) and made sure to comment on how I waddled back to the car.

Today was another doctors appointment. I'm measuring right on track and the baby's heartbeat is strong. I also lost 4 pounds from the last doctor visit- so weird. The doctor hasn't mentioned anything about that though. I also got to get a fun flu shot. The doctor said we would then have to stop over at the hospital to get a Rhogam shot, which I should've had at 28 weeks, oh well. By the way, the Rhogam shot is because I have O negative blood and the baby may have positive blood. Rh sensitization is more concerning with kids after your first, but they still do Rhogam shots. When a mother has Rh negative blood, the blood might start fighting the baby's blood if the baby is Rh positive. That's a simple explanation.

We walked over to the hospital and sat at admissions for a while. At least now I'm in the computer so I don't have to go through that while in labor. Then they sent me back to the lab to have blood drawn. They have to test it for something before the shot. The lab was busy with emergency stuff so we went home for a couple hours before getting a shot. By this time it was 5:00pm (Our doctor's appointment was 4:30). We get a call to go back for the shot at 8:00pm. They took us to labor and delivery where a nurse checked my vitals and prepared the shot. At first it had a huge needle, which I didn't see, but Landon said, "you could fit pills through it". She got a smaller needle and shot me in the back of my hip. Ouch! That was the most painful shot I've had in a long time. I'm not afraid of needles at all, but yikes! It hurt the entire time she pushed the medicine in and after. Then we had to wait there for 30 minutes to monitor for an allergic reaction. Nothing happened, so we were free to go. What a night.