Stupid GPS

So today was the last day of school for all of my students, and the middle schoolers were going on a fun day/field trip to Kanopolis Lake all day. Some how I got myself roped into going with them in the afternoon. I couldn't go in the morning (they were leaving around 8:20) because I still had high schoolers to see. Anyway, I finish seeing my high school students at noon, and start the trip to Kanopolis, which is supposed to be only 15 minutes from Lindsborg. I haven't been there since high school, but had a vague idea how to get there and was pretty sure where the kids would be once I got to the Lake, besides I had the GPS to guide me right....wrong!
The GPS has been requesting a map update for awhile now, but we just haven't gotten around to it. This makes it take longer to find satellites. Anyway, I put in Kanopolis Lake and head off north on the highway that's on the west side of the school. This was my first mistake (should've gone west on Hwy 4 then turn north on 141, which goes over the dam). The whole time the GPS seems to be following me and telling me to take Hwy 4 'til Hwy 141, simple. Well, apparently I don't know which roads are what and I was definitely NOT on Hwy 4. So, I keep going and then the GPS tells me to turn for Hwy 141. I'm looking around and am not seeing anything familiar (I've been to Kanopolis enough to know when I'm actually there or not), and the road the GPS told me to take is a dirt road. I knew that couldn't be right, so I kept going north. Eventually I get to where I can kinda see some buildings (after going through Falun, Smolan, etc.), but they don't look like Kanopolis. Then I see a building that does look's the stupid gas station/truck stop on the west side of I-135 in SALINA!! I drove way too far north and ended up in Salina! So now I'm atleast 30 minutes late from when I said I'd be at the lake, and am atleast 15 miles too far north. I stopped at the gas station and fiddled with the GPS until it finally found satellites and actually knew where I was.
I finally got to Kanopolis, and knew I was there when I drove over the dam, which when you're in a hurry and coming from the wrong direction is incredibly long. Once I got there, everyone just finished eating and was starting the kids' choice games (which they had to stop every 30 minutes or so to check in to make sure all the kids were still there). I mostly just sat around with the teachers watching the kids and occasionally talking to my students (I only have about 15 students, so the majority of the kids there I couldn't have picked out of a crowd to save my life). Surprisingly, the day seemed to go really well for having 100 or so middle school kids running around a state park and lake. I really like my group of kids there and was interested to see how they related to the other students and who their friends were (this is especially interesting with some of the more involved kids).
I can see myself doing this with my own kids. I'll be one of those parents at the park making sure my kid is playing with the right kids, haha. Watching my students also brought me back to junior high as I tried to pick out the group of kids that would've been most like my friends in school. Now, you should know that the group of friends I had in school were kind of the trouble maker, druggie group. I didn't really find a group like this at the lake, but there were enough teachers around to discourage that kinda thing, lol. So, after the whole GPS incident, the day turned out really well.

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