Minor Complaint

For the last couple days I've had miserable sore throats, apparently when your heart beats more to supply blood to the baby it causes a stuffy nose and even nose bleeds due to increased volume in veins. This sucks, I already have enough trouble with allergies, now the baby's causing the same symptoms. Ha, just wait, he/she will suffer when they get older with allergies too. It's practically destiny- yay genetics.
Really, though, this sore throat thing and the not sleeping through the night due to having an apparently small bladder now, are the only problems I've had thus far with the pregnancy. When the doctor asked how I'd been feeling at our last appointment she seemed almost surprised that I didn't have anything going on. No complications. Sometimes, I'm kinda disappointed about that because it doesn't feel like I'm pregnant. I should be happy I'm this lucky and have low blood pressure (sorry Star).
In other news, I feel like I've finally "popped". To me I look more pregnant now, or maybe it's just more blubber, :). I'll post a baby bump picture as soon as I can get Landon to take a decent one.

P.S. This picture I picked for this post reminds me too much of grad school, boo. ;)