Almost summer

Only 3 more days with students and then summer!!!! I took on 3 students over the summer, so I'll see them for three weeks in June. I can't believe my first year of a real job is almost done. It seems like I just started. My students will be surprised when I come back next year with a huge stomach. I didn't tell any of them. Landon and I have been debating our name choices as we get closer to knowing if we'll have a boy or girl. We're pretty set on Remington for a boy, but I'm starting to not like Garrison so much. For our girl names, we're kinda reconsidering Kilexa. We love the name, but it's too similar to friends' name choices, and our families have never really liked it. I still want a girl's name that can be shortened to Ki, so right now I'm really liking Kaia- Landon isn't set on that yet though. Next weekend I hope to take a shopping trip to Wichita and look at baby stores and see on maybe buying a crib or carseat. I'm just ready to start buying something for the baby.