I hadn't originally planned to have a nursery. I was just going to use our guest room the way it is with the crib in there instead of the full size bed. The only thing I was going to change was the wall decor. However, all that has changed. We decided to repaint the room (it really did need it), and put down new flooring. We also decided on a color scheme today. The walls will be blue/gray, trim in a cream white, and accents in red. We'll find unisex bedding and decor in red. Which after a short internet search, is not going to be difficult at all. For a boy, you can go with airplanes, boats, and/or sports. For a girl, you can go with hearts, ladybugs, and red designs. I also want most of our decor to be lambs. We found a super cute swing and bouncer that has lambs on it, and I think it'd be a good theme. It will be fun to get started on this, granted we still have to finish our remodel of the basement. We're putting that on hold though, after we install the carpet, so we can put all the money toward the baby.