Tomorrow is the big day to tell the boss the news. I'm really nervous. I know they won't care and will be happy. What else would they expect employing a bunch of women? I'm still nervous, though. I guess my main worry is about what they'll do while I'm on maternity leave. Of course, around the time I'm due is when I have the most IEPs in which I'm the primary provider. I also wonder what they do to find someone to do PRN while I'm gone. That's the thing about being a SLP, vs. a teacher. There are lots of substitute teachers around, but a SLP that can just work for someone for 6 weeks is harder to find. A good thing about my due date, is that after the 6 weeks, I'd only have about a week before Christmas break, so I'll probably use sick days, etc. and just come back after break.

In other news, tomorrow is also another doctor appointment. Not sure what we'll do, but I'm betting that she'll set a date for the gender sonogram. We can't wait to find out what we're having. It will make buying baby things so much easier. Granted, most of the stuff we're gonna buy we're gonna try to get unisex. This is because we want another child after this and we're definitely gonna have hand me downs for things like the crib, carseat, and nursery.


Good luck! In my case, since I have to take the next few weeks off of work, the special ed director said that kids just have to go without speech/language therapy for that time. Some of my kids who I really felt like couldn't miss their therapy time, I asked one of the other therapists in the district to see them. Of course, I left word with all the teachers at my locations that I'm always just an e-mail away, so technically, all of my kids are still receiving "consultation" services via my still communicating with the teachers.
Also, I can't believe you only get 6 weeks! Is is paid or unpaid maternity leave? We can have up to 12 weeks! I'm actually not using any of it though, silly me!
Have you looked into childcare for after you're ready to go back to work? If you're looking toward daycares, I'd recommend putting your name on waiting lists now...because what I found was that there are very few daycares (at least in this area) that will even take an infant that young...and they ones that do fill up very, very quickly!
Anyway, good luck!


We have 6 weeks of paid leave, then with the FMLA up to 12 weeks- so 6 weeks unpaid.