Say goodbye to $$

Today, Landon and I went to Wichita and decided on a crib. It's the same one from the picture in the previous post about crib shopping. Too bad it won't be here until the middle of July?! We also bought a mattress and changing pad. So, most of the big items that we need to have are now checked off our list. All the little stuff is going to add up now. We haven't started painting the nursery yet since we'd still like to carpet the basement first. But, now we have a month to work on it before we even have a crib to put there. I finally found crib bedding that's going to work with our color scheme, and that is unisex. It's from Carousel designs, which has an awesome collection of bedding ( I'm having fun finally buying things for the baby, I can't wait until we know what it is so that we can start buying cute clothes, etc.