Random 10 Friday

I found this on crazyland (http://wheredidiputthat.blogspot.com/) and thought it'd be fun. Here are the rules:

1. Put your music playing device on shuffle
2. Write down the first 10 songs that come up.
3. No cheating and taking off Kenny Rogers or Liza Minnelli because you're embarrassed.
4. Only hit skip if the same song comes up twice in the same post.
5. Write down your random thoughts-- in full sentences or not. We don't care.
6. Sign up via Mr. Linky.
7. Sit back and check out all the new tunes you will find.

Quick warning before I start my list. My Zune has songs from my siblings and when I do this kinda randomness it always come up with a song I've never heard before. Quite an exciting discovery sometimes. Enjoy!

1. Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind
2. Prisoner- 311
3. If You Could Only See- Tonic
4. I'm a Fake- The Used
5. That's The Way- Led Zeppelin
6. Just the Way I Am- Big Daddy Weave (I don't even know this song....)
7. I Feel Love- Blue Man Group
8. Photograph- 12 Stones
9. Finding Myself- Smile Empty Soul
10. Birdcage- The Wallflowers

Bonus (Just cuz I love the next song): Broken Again- Another Animal

Random thoughts today: I love blogger's auto save. Firefox just crashed during this post, but everything was saved, Yay! I don't know why Firefox has been crashing these last too days, what is going on?

Hmm, I forget when the new Spore expansion is released. I should go look that up, it looks fun.

I grew up listening to Rock music and continue to love it. Landon grew up on old country and Christian/gospel and is now obsessed with 80s rock. I wonder what our kids will like.

Random photo from my camera: