This weekend my car's alternator decided to give up again (or atleast we thought). This has happened three other times now. We took the alternator to AutoZone and O'Reilly's to have it tested and get a new one, but the tests said it was fine. Now we don't know what's wrong with it. Cars hate me. Seriously, I have had more cars break down on me than anyone I know. At least my dad's a mechanic, otherwise I'd have bigger problems. So now Landon is gonna try to find out what's wrong with the car and get it up a running again.

Yesterday I signed up for childbirth classes at the hospital. For one Saturday in September, we'll learn about what we have to do and get a tour of the maternity ward. Last night I felt miserable and could not sleep. I've never had heartburn or acid reflux in my life, but last night I felt like I was gonna die from the reflux. It's stupid that now that I'm in the second trimester, I'm feeling sick. I thought it was supposed to be easy now. Maybe the baby's making up for no morning sickness.

This weekend is a baby shower for my former roommate (the only one I actually got along with), I'm excited to see her again and celebrate her baby due in August. Father's day is also this weekend. I don't plan on doing much, and Landon didn't do anything for Mother's day, so he doesn't get anything for Father's day--we'll wait until next year.


You probably won't have morning sickness (although a co-worker of mine who was not sick at all the first tri had morning sickness really bad the whole rest of the pregnancy)...but anyway, even without the morning sickness, it won't get any better...I had heartburn soooooo so bad that it would make me throw up, which, in my opinion was worse than morning sickness. I ate tums like they were candy, but then finally my doc prescribed zantac and that helped most of the time.